Waymap in Los Angeles: A Summary

Los Angeles

The Waymap application proves successful in helping vision-impaired people to navigate around a Los Angeles university campus with which they are unfamiliar. 

Indoor Navigation Technology: A Comparison


Indoor wayfinding is a key part of improving people’s experience in venues and cities worldwide. However, indoor location and navigation brings with it a unique set of challenges. In the last decade, there have been a growing number of potential technology offerings that seek to solve these challenges. Indoor navigation solutions are all about improving […]

Waymap, an Industry-Leader in Policy & Standards on the World Stage


Waymap’s navigation approach and app are deeply grounded in research into independent travel for people with disabilities. For years we have led the development of the international and American standards for audio-navigation. By defining how products should work and the ways consumers can interact with them, standards help systems become safer and trustworthy, driving confident […]

Waymap for Your Hospital


Waymap can revolutionise wayfinding around hospitals for staff and patients. We can do this with a navigation app that works for everyone, including persons with disabilities. An accessible wayfinding solution increases patient satisfaction, boosts team efficiency, reduces missed appointments, and cuts response times to improve health outcomes. Our breakthrough revolutionary algorithm enables the delivery of […]

Signal-Free Location Technology

Location Technology

At Waymap, we have built a highly accurate location and navigation app that works indoors and outdoors. Other navigation companies specialise in indoor or outdoor directions (with a lot of variation in quality) but Waymap offers a solution that is both higher in quality and more comprehensive than any provided by other companies to date. […]

Waymap 2021: Year in Review


The pandemic has cast a long shadow, but despite the challenges, Waymap has gone from strength to strength this year.  Our team has grown with the addition of superbly talented people, we have established new offices in central London and we have completed successful trials in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We […]

Waymap backed by UK Government’s Innovation Agency

City Landscape

We are very excited to announce that Waymap has been chosen for support by Innovate UK, the UK Government’s innovation agency. This award recognises our breakthrough technology and the revolutionary impact it will have on accessibility and inclusion as well as on the relevance of indoor location and navigation across all industries. The significant grant […]

Win-Win on Paratransit with Waymap


Personal independence is a universal human desire, but it’s also something that most of us take for granted, particularly when it comes to our mobility and freedom to explore.

Ghosts of Disability Policy Past, Present and Future: What is the legacy of 30 years of promises?


Poor mobility is a cause of severe social exclusion and poor life outcomes; reducing access to employment and negatively effecting health and social wellbeing. In addition to the impact on people with disabilities themselves, parents, adult children and carers can carry a high financial,
emotional and time consuming burden too; one that often continues into a disabled child’s adulthood and throughout old age.