How Waymap Can Improve Office Spaces

11 May 2023

Fully accessible user design. Simple and accurate turn-by-turn navigation. Waymap is the smart, next-generation solution for indoor office navigation.


The ‘workplace’ is one of the defining features of modern life. This is reflected in popular TV shows like ‘The Office’. The office building is a major part of this modern working experience. All employees, everywhere, should feel safe and confident when visiting a workspace, if required to by their employer.

However, this is not always the case, thanks to large, sprawling buildings, many of which lack the principles of accessible & inclusive design. The result? You have many employees who feel that their workplace is not a welcoming, inclusive one.


Challenging Times for the Modern Day Office

During 2021, England’s total office space declined by 2%. Post-Covid, businesses are re-thinking the composition of the office, and if it suits their needs. How their employees interact with the workspace provided to them will go a long way to informing this business decision.

Visual signage, however modern and ‘smart’, is currently insufficient to the needs of visitors, who want to navigate around a building independently, and use services confidently.

This lack of accessible navigation risks excluding persons with disabilities, and places additional costs on organisations via delays, greater staffing requirements and greater time demands on existing staff.


Looking For a Solution

In the Post-Covid environment, people are unsure of how to effectively utilise office buildings. Clients are unsure whether to conduct meetings online or in-person, and employees are still trying to figure out how to balance working from home and days in the office.

Effective and helpful wayfinding can go a long way to helping visitors feel more confident in their navigation around an office building or workspace. Therefore, all types of office visitors stand benefit, whether they are one-off visitors, regular business clients, or permanent employees.


The Solution: Waymap

At Waymap, we believe that we offer an indoor navigation solution that solves the problem of accessible and inclusive work spaces. And the key is that we don’t rely on GPS, QR codes or physical Bluetooth beacons.

Instead, Waymap combines a breakthrough revolutionary algorithm with the motion sensors already on the phone. This enables the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation instructions, without relying on any external signals.

Waymap’s indoor location technology and fully accessible user design ensures simple and accurate turn-by-turn navigation in office buildings and workspaces of all shapes and sizes.


Revolutionising the Office Experience

Waymap is the smart and accessible solution for all the indoor navigation needs of the modern office. Our app creates and manages real-time building maps, and offers an innovative solution for safe, accessible office buildings.

Waymap is an inclusive solution, helping everyone to easily navigate and find what they need, whether it’s searching for a specific room, conference room, fire exits, or restrooms.

Our accessible navigation app will improve the experience for office tenants, employees, and visitors. Waymap  enables create the safest, most inclusive space possible, and innovation is key to developing modern offices and setting them apart from the competition.


Waymap. Accessible Indoor Navigation, for Anyone, Anywhere.

Are you a landlord or office manager? You can upgrade to Waymap today and transform the accessibility of your building(s).

Please reach out via our contact form, drop us a message on social media, or sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on our progress!

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