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Waymap emerged from experimentation in audio navigation in the UK by the Royal Society for Blind Children, alongside breakthrough advancements in indoor location technology. The result is a team with a deep understanding of the navigation needs of all people and a revolutionary, high-technology approach.

Our system and approach has been tried and tested in cities across North America and Europe. We are ready to make the shared aspiration of inclusive, accessible cities a reality.

Navigation Truly for Anyone.

We plan to make every city in the world accessible to Anyone, Anywhere. We continually engage closely in global public policy. Most recently, the founders of Waymap have led the development of International and American standards for audio-based wayfinding for blind and low-vision people. This has been done through the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the United States’ Consumer Technology Association (CTA); producing ITU-T F.921 and CTA-2076 standards.

Led by the concept of ‘nothing about us without us’ these standards have been shaped through intense research and consultation with blind and low-vision people, specifically to meet their needs.

Nothing about us without us.

World-leading indoor-location technology

Inclusive Design

Community-based approach

Our Values.

Waymap’s support for and compliance with these standards is the driver for the inclusive design of our app and the development of our breakthrough indoor-location technology. This community-based approach ensures that our services continue to meet the true needs of all our users.

At Waymap, we deliver global social impact for people with disabilities everywhere. Our mission is global independent access for everyone; across cities and transit systems, and in places of work, school or recreation.

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