With Waymap, anyone can explore anywhere - simply, quickly and independently.

Waymap, the world’s only navigation app that guides you both indoors and outdoors. Accurate up to 1m, with no signals required.

With our app on your phone, you can explore the city, catch your bus, or go right to the aisle you want at the store.

Installed across a city’s transport network, streets and major buildings, our app gives step-by-step guidance as soon as you step out your door. It works anywhere we have a map.

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Smartphone navigation is essential to city life. Waymap offers a truly inclusive, accessible solution. With Waymap, everyone can make the most of everything their city has to offer.

Setting up Waymap for transport networks and cities means more people, travelling to more places, more often. Visitors, commuters and those for whom accessibility is an everyday challenge can travel with confidence.

The only
step-based app.

With Waymap, anyone can explore anywhere - simply, quickly and independently.

Breakthrough TechnologyCollapsedExpanded

Our revolutionary algorithm, TRACE, uses nothing but the sensors already on your smartphone and accurate maps. It makes use of a pedestrian dead-reckoning statistical approach to deliver best-in-class accuracy, even without any mobile or external signals.

Infrastructure FreeCollapsedExpanded

Waymap’s technology requires absolutely no infrastructure to be installed in your venue. This overcomes the low-accuracy, patchy reliability and difficulties scaling that plague other navigation solutions.

Inclusivity and Accessibility at the ForefrontCollapsedExpanded

We ensure that our maps are specially augmented for the needs of persons with disabilities through in-depth Orientation and Mobility surveys.

Heads-up and Hands-free CollapsedExpanded

Waymap can be used on-screen, or through audio-prompts. This avoids the need to handle your smartphone in public places and enables vision-impaired users to maintain use of their primary mobility aid.

Future Smart Cities CollapsedExpanded

Waymap guides you every step of the way, with location accuracy up to 1m and heading accuracy up to 10 degrees. This, coupled with a deep understanding of our users, means Waymap is poised to drive a new era of fully accessible and inclusive smart cities.

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