Waymap for Your Hospital

20 January 2022

Waymap can revolutionise wayfinding around hospitals for staff and patients. We can do this with a navigation app that works for everyone, including persons with disabilities.

An accessible wayfinding solution increases patient satisfaction, boosts team efficiency, reduces missed appointments, and cuts response times to improve health outcomes.

Our breakthrough revolutionary algorithm enables the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation instructions without external signals such as GPS, WIFI, or Mobile Data. As a result, Waymap is more robust, reliable and scalable than other indoor navigation apps. And, because we don’t need beacons, our solution requires much less maintenance.

Navigation in a Hospital Setting

Hospitals are tough places to find your way around. There are many miles of confusing corridors, leading to room after room of similarly-named wards and waiting areas. All of this leads to navigation difficulty, making hospitals stressful places for many patients and a complication for staff. As hospitals continue to increase in size, this problem will only grow.

This is a major problem for visitors and for patients – in 2013 data from the UK suggested that almost 7 million outpatient hospital appointments, costing over £100 each, were missed each year. Doctors point to navigation problems, especially at large hospitals as a major reason for this.

On top of the difficulties faced by patients, healthcare workers are often navigating unknown environments, and under serious time pressure. A typical NHS hospital has over 5,000 people working on-site. These staff often work in part of the estate – even permanent staff may not be aware of the whole landscape. In addition, many staff such as junior doctors and locums, spend only a few months in each hospital.

All junior doctors interviewed for a survey into hospital working reported getting lost on the way to urgent calls, potentially endangering lives as a result. One participant said: “Crash calls are often slowed when you don’t know where it is. Ward names can give no indication of where they are. Even registrars get lost sometimes. When people don’t know how to get where they are going, it costs lives.”

Waymap for Hospitals Offers a Revolutionary Solution

The installation of an indoor wayfinding system could help dramatically. Waymap for Hospitals uses the latest digital mapping and wayfinding technology to transform hospital facilities into interactive spaces accessible to everyone. For out-patients who are blind or visually impaired, navigating unfamiliar environments can be daunting. Most of the visual information others take for granted — maps, signs — are unavailable.

Waymap offers a highly accurate location and navigation app that works both indoors and outdoors, with an accuracy of 1m and heading accuracy of 10 degrees. This is based on a breakthrough revolutionary algorithm enabling the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation instructions without external signals such as GPS, WiFi, or Mobile Data. Instead, we use the motion sensors already on the phone. Deploying the app at your hospital will help improve the experience for persons with disabilities, increase patient satisfaction, and optimize staff efficiency.


Would you like to work with us? Interested in a location near you that can benefit from Waymap’s breakthrough navigation solution? Please get in touch above.

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