Signal-Free Location Technology

14 December 2021

At Waymap, we have built a highly accurate location and navigation app that works indoors and outdoors.

Other navigation companies specialise in indoor or outdoor directions (with a lot of variation in quality) but Waymap offers a solution that is both higher in quality and more comprehensive than any provided by other companies to date. The reason? Waymap’s app is powered by signal-free navigation technology.

Signal-Free Navigation

So what does signal-free navigation actually mean? Part of it is self-explanatory: Waymap’s navigation solution is able to provide location instructions without relying on external signals such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons or Mobile Data. Instead of external signals, Waymap’s solution relies on internal sensors already on your phone.

Waymap’s breakthrough revolutionary algorithm then processes this motion sensor data. As a result, the application is able to deliver accurate and reliable navigation instructions.

Benefits of Signal-Free Navigation

So why did we set out to develop a navigation solution that ends reliance on external mobile signals? We did this because, by combining data feeds from motion sensors with our breakthrough algorithm, our approach is more reliable and more accurate than any that relies on GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The accuracy of Waymap’s navigation tech is greater than GPS both indoors and outdoors, but it’s indoors where this breakthrough solution shines. Waymap is accurate to 1metre with a heading accuracy of 10 degrees, while GPS does not work at all indoors. This has been a problem plaguing navigation apps as long as they’ve existed, but Waymap has overcome this technological barrier.

Furthermore, signal-free means infrastructure-free. With Waymap’s solution, there is no need to install signal boosters (for Wi-Fi or Mobile Data), or beacons (for Bluetooth). This is vital to transport operators and building owners because of the time, effort and money involved in setting up (and maintaining) all of this infrastructure. Waymap’s solution allows these organisations to help visitors with their navigation and accessibility needs. Further, it makes it easy for them to do so.

Thinking of the wider picture, signal-free navigation technology has the potential to be universal. Smartphones are ubiquitous across the population and becoming more so, which means almost everyone already carries the complete set of motion sensors that make our solution possible. And, because the set-up is easy it is a very scalable solution too.

The Latest Tech makes this finally possible

Breakthrough technologies, such as Waymap’s signal-free location solution, don’t just appear overnight. The technology that powers this navigation app reflects years of hard work, continued experimentation and the application of complex science and mathematical algorithms.

Developing this underlying technology was a great achievement and one that we are all very excited about here at Waymap. However, it could only be rolled out via mobile phones if these devices became advanced enough to take advantage of our revolutionary solution – it takes two to tango.

Thanks to developments in smartphone technology over the last five or six years, in terms of the sensors that the phones use and the processing power that they have, we now finally find ourselves at this key point – where rapid advances in consumer technology met scientific innovation, in order to reimagine the possibilities of indoor and outdoor.


What does this mean for the general public?

Navigation apps are essential to connecting people and places. They also boost the take up of public transport and helping people to live independently. However, the current group of navigation providers are simply not up to scratch. They don’t work for everyone and don’t work inside for anyone.

This means that people with disabilities, or even people with less confidence in their own mobility, are excluded. They need extra help and resources to make a journey, or may be isolated at home. Improved mobility also helps people live more independent, fuller and healthier lives.

Improving accessibility for anyone, anywhere may seem like a lofty goal. But for us at Waymap, it’s only really scratching the surface when it comes to the potential benefits we can provide to the wider public thanks to our signal-free location technology.

Imagine a future where you can easily find your way exactly to a specific product in a store, your exact seat in a cinema or stadium, or to the emergency exits in a venue. These are just some of the potential use cases brought about by revolutionising indoor navigation.

Breakthrough after Breakthrough

We have come a long way in this process to reach where we are now. But we are not planning to slow down any time soon. With talks underway with multiple transport authorities and owners of public and private venues, we are looking to bring Waymap’s tech to a city near you in 2022.

And all the time, our revolutionary signal-free technology is both affordable and easily accessible to everyone. So, watch this space in 2022.


Get in touch above if you would like to work with us, or want to tell us about a location near you that can benefit from Waymap’s breakthrough navigation solution.

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