How Waymap Can Benefit Retail Venues

20 March 2023

Waymap’s indoor location technology and fully accessible user design ensures simple and accurate turn-by-turn navigation in all types of store and retail settings. This allows visitors to easily find their way to their favourite stores.


Hundreds of stores. Multiple floors. A busy, fast-moving environment. Whilst for many people a visit to their local retail location or shopping mall can be a rewarding and exciting experience, for others (including those with physical or mental impairments) it may be very overwhelming.

Therefore, for a number of reasons, a shopper may find themselves unhappy with their visit to a mall. They may have been unable to find the product or shop that they were looking for, or they may have found their visit a stressful one.


Why Should Shopping Mall Owners Be Concerned?

Mall users who are unhappy with their experience may actually not come back to that same shopping mall. This can lead to a decrease in overall footfall, and in purchases made during a visit. The result? Reduced overall profits for both the shopping mall owner and their tenants.

By 2023, e-commerce will make up 22% of global retail sales. Physical retail locations, including shopping malls need to improve the customer journey, optimise their layouts and think carefully about their choice of tenants, in order to keep up.


Looking For a Solution

An easy way to make a shopping mall visitor feel at-ease is with helpful wayfinding. Retail wayfinding allows shoppers to find their way to the store, product or mall facility that they require. The ideal retail wayfinding solution will provide these navigation instructions to users in an easy, simple and efficient way.

Today’s shoppers want convenience and take a digital-first approach. They use multiple channels, starting off by reviewing and comparing products online, and then completing their purchase in-store.

Modern wayfinding technology can allow them to enjoy a seamless transition from one channel to the next. It also avoids customer frustration from not being able to find the product that they want.

In short, malls that can offer a comprehensive wayfinding solution will improve the shopping experience. An accessible wayfinding app can also help to advertise upcoming events, retail promotions, and boost additional purchases.


Introducing the Waymap App

Here at Waymap, we believe that we offer an indoor navigation solution that provides the solution to this problem. We also know that current retail solutions, ones that utilise GPS, QR codes or physical Bluetooth beacons, aren’t good enough for the needs of most users.

Instead, Waymap combines a breakthrough revolutionary algorithm with the motion sensors already on the phone. This enables the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation instructions, without relying on any external signals.

Waymap’s indoor location technology and fully accessible user design ensures simple and accurate turn-by-turn navigation in all types of store and retail settings, allowing visitors to easily find their way to their favourite shops and products.


The Waymap Shopping Experience

Customers using Waymap can be guided from nearby stations, bus stops or parking lots direct to the front door of shops, and beyond. After entering a shopping mall, a shopper can use Waymap to make sense of all the available destination options, such as shops toilets, customer service and much more.

A shopper simply selects their destination and begins their journey. They will then be guided by turn-by-turn audio instructions to where they want to go – likely their favourite shop. Waymap’s easy to follow and accurate instructions will take them right to the shop door.

Then, they also have the possibility to be guided through the shop, right to the products that they want. And, once a user has finished their shop, they can once again utilise Waymap to guide them to the shopping mall exit.


Benefits to Retail Owners

This new model of indoor navigation also has many advantages over legacy systems and offers practical benefits that increase customer satisfaction, functionality and profits. An easy, intuitive and accessible journey is crucial to a positive customer experience.

The end result is a happy shopper – one who had a productive & enjoyable shopping trip – and who is looking forward to coming back to the mall.

Increased foot traffic, a PR boost, and greater profits for shopping mall owners & their tenants are just some of the benefits for using Waymap in a retail location.


Waymap. Accessible Indoor Navigation, for Anyone, Anywhere.

Interested in Waymap coming to a retail venue or shopping mall near you? Please reach out via our contact form, drop us a message on social media, or sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on our progress!

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