How Waymap Can Modernise Museums

27 June 2023

Waymap’s innovative navigation app can provide numerous benefits to museums worldwide, from indoor wayfinding to describing museum exhibits.


Navigating indoor spaces can often be a challenging experience, especially in a large venue such as a museum. Museums often have often multiple floors, winding hallways, and numerous galleries to explore. Without proper signage or wayfinding tools, it can be all too easy to get lost or miss out on exhibits entirely.


Museums Have Navigation Issues

One of the biggest challenges of indoor navigation in museums is the lack of clear signage. While some museums do provide maps or directories, they can often be difficult to read or interpret. In addition, signage may be limited in certain areas of the museum, leaving visitors to rely on their own sense of direction.

Another issue with indoor navigation in museums is the sheer size of the space. With so many exhibits and galleries to explore, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and how to navigate from one area to the next. This can be especially challenging for visitors with mobility issues or other disabilities.

Finally, technology can play a role in indoor navigation, but it’s not always fool proof. While some museums have implemented digital wayfinding systems, they can be glitchy or unreliable. In addition, not all visitors may have access to smartphones or other devices necessary to use these tools.


How Can Museums Be More Accessible?

Overall, indoor navigation in museums is a difficult task that requires careful planning and consideration. By providing clear signage, thoughtful wayfinding tools, and accessible spaces, museums can help visitors make the most of their experience and avoid getting lost in the process.

Navigating indoor spaces, particularly in museums, can be a daunting task. With multiple floors, winding hallways, and numerous galleries to explore, visitors can easily get lost or miss out on exhibits entirely. However, with the help of advanced technology, indoor navigation has become more accessible and less stressful for museum-goers. Waymap, a revolutionary indoor wayfinding platform, is one such tool that can help improve indoor navigation in museums.

One of the biggest challenges of indoor navigation in museums is the lack of clear signage. Visitors often rely on their own sense of direction, which can lead to confusion and frustration.


What is Waymap?

At Waymap, we offer an indoor navigation solution that solves the problem of accessible and inclusive wayfinding for hotels. Our app enables users to navigate around indoor environments confidently, without having to rely on GPS, QR codes or physical Bluetooth beacons.

Instead, Waymap combines a breakthrough revolutionary algorithm with the motion sensors already on the phone. This enables the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation instructions, without relying on any external signals.

Waymap’s indoor location technology and fully accessible user design ensures simple and accurate turn-by-turn navigation in hotels of all shapes and sizes.


How Waymap Can Help Museums

Waymap solves the indoor navigation problem for museums. The comprehensive wayfinding app allows visitors to search for specific exhibits, find restrooms, elevators, and other amenities, and most importantly, navigate through the museum with confidence.

Waymap also offers turn-by-turn directions that guide visitors to their desired destination. The directions are available in multiple languages and can be customized to accommodate visitors with disabilities. This feature is particularly helpful for visitors who may have difficulty reading or interpreting traditional signage. Another benefit of using Waymap is that it can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet. Visitors can download the app before their visit or use the museum’s free Wi-Fi to access it on-site. This means that visitors do not need to rely on expensive or unreliable digital wayfinding systems or have to bring their own device.

Waymap is also highly customisable, making it an ideal solution for museums with unique layouts or exhibits. The platform can be tailored to fit the museum’s needs, including adding or removing specific points of interest, adjusting the colour scheme to match the museum’s branding, and integrating with other museum apps or services.

Enhancing the Museum Experience for Everyone

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Waymap can also enhance the museum experience in other ways. For example, the platform can provide visitors with additional, location-based, information about exhibits, such as historical background or fun facts. This can help visitors engage more deeply with the exhibits and gain a better understanding of the museum’s collections

Waymap can also help museums gather valuable data about visitor behaviour. For example, the platform can track which exhibits are most popular, which areas of the museum are most frequently visited, and how long visitors spend in each area. This data can help museums make informed decisions about exhibit placement, staffing, and other operational matters.

Finally, Waymap can help museums communicate important information to visitors in real-time. For example, if an exhibit is temporarily closed or if there is an emergency, the museum can use the platform to send alerts and updates to visitors’ devices. This can help ensure that visitors are informed and safe during their visit.

Waymap is a powerful tool that can help improve indoor navigation in museums. With its comprehensive indoor map, turn-by-turn directions, and accessibility features, visitors can explore the museum with confidence and ease. By implementing Waymap, museums can enhance the visitor experience, gather valuable data, and ensure that everyone can enjoy everything they have to offer.


Waymap. Accessible Indoor Navigation, for Anyone, Anywhere.

Do you work in, or manage, a museum property? You can boost your venue’s accessibility, attract a larger and more diverse community of visitors, and create a safer and more inclusive space for all, just by installing Waymap at your venue!

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